Stamford Bridge ranks fifth in Instagram’s top UK sporting locations

Stamford Bridge is one of the few remaining football grounds inhabited by a major club that still has that truly traditional English feel about it.

While the likes of Arsenal and Manchester United have either moved into new grounds or evolved their previous setups to create vast and open stadia, the gap between the pitch and the stands at Stamford Bridge remains minimal, while the boxed-in nature of the design perfectly fuels the vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

Perhaps that’s why, despite being first built in 1876, Stamford Bridge is still one of the UK’s favoured sports locations for Instagram users, per BBC Sport. Indeed, it was the fifth-most Instagrammed sports location in Great Britain for 2017.

That no doubt owes to it’s presence in west London as well, a trendy area often frequented by tourists, while Chelsea’s Premier League title last season surely helped too – drawing even more to Stamford Bridge to catch a glimpse of Antonio Conte’s side.