The C team… Mourinho & his men epically troll Arsenal

In the words of Richard Keys, ‘it was just banter’. A group of Chelsea fans have well and truly trolled Arsenal ahead of their clubs’ weekend clash by turning north London blue and defacing the Gunners’ iconic ‘Arsenal’ sign outside the Emirates Stadium.

Mocked up as a hilarious A-Team spoof, Jose ‘Hannibal’ Mourinho leads a crack team of Diego ‘Murdock’ Costa, Cesc ‘Face’, Fabregas and Didier ‘B.A Baracus’ Drogba on a brave mission into “war torn” north London to raise the stakes ahead of Sunday’s game. The foursome travel to the Emirates Stadium where they turn the ‘Arsenal’ sign into one that reads ‘Chelsea’ before setting off blue flares to turn the immediate vicinity of west London blue.

As far as footballing pranks go, this one’s pretty special. Fair play, Chelsea Fan Channel! Will they have the last laugh on the pitch though?