There’s something spooky going on at Chelsea…

Strange fans at Chelsea and Bayern Munich games

In parts of London and Munich, Halloween has come early as 11 scary looking men were seen wearing terrifying costumes.

They were wearing black gloves, black robes which had some sort of occult logo emblazoned across it and had their faces painted white with a black triangle on their foreheads.

The men who have yet to be identified, were seen at Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena on Saturday, where the current Champions League holders defeated Hertha Berlin 3-2.

24 hours later, the 11 hooded creatures were then seen at Stamford Bridge in the Shed End, where Chelsea defeated Manchester City 2-1. According to reports, the horrifying figures were seen doing synchronized gestures.

One fan stated: “It was very weird. They sat very still for a long time but then would hold their hands up together, or stand up in unison and then sit down again. Everyone near me was very confused. Some people laughed, some looked astonished. It was just very weird.”

The peculiar fans could be at fault for Chelsea’s winner against City as Joe Hart came running out of his area which led to Fernando Torres’ last minute strike.  Who knows, he might have been scared that Halloween had come early!