THREE Things we learned from Chelsea’s defeat of QPR

Chelsea beat Queens Park Rangers 2-1 to pile the pressure on Manchester City who now trail the leaders by nine points. Here are the THREE Things we learned from the game at Stamford Bridge:

Oscar enters the limelight

Oscar’s role this season has often been more destructive than creative with the playmaker running tirelessly to close down the opposition midfield. Fabregas, Costa and Hazard have dominated the headlines. Oscar has had to satisfy himself with a mere supporting role.

However, against Queens Park Rangers the Brazilian thrust his name into the limelight with this absolute peach of a goal.

Redknapp should be brave

QPR have been at their best this season when Zamora was paired with Austin, but Harry Redknapp decided to revert to five in midfield for the trip to Chelsea. However, this Mourinho incarnation are not as easy to frustrate as last season’s outfit and ‘Arry may have been better advised to throw caution to the wind. As soon as Zamora was introduced, QPR scored.

Coincidence? Maybe 

Ice in his veins

Hazard again converted a penalty via the now much-celebrated eyeballing the keeper method – but how long before goalkeepers stop diving? Standing in the centre of the goal and making the Belgian make the first move surely must be the best way of reducing Hazard’s conversion rate.