Three things we learnt from Liverpool’s loss to Chelsea

It didn’t quite have the drama of the same fixture last season but there was still a lot to take from Liverpool’s 2-1 loss to Chelsea. Here are the Three Things we learned:

Liverpool still can’t defend set-pieces

Gary Cahill’s goal may have been given by goal line technology but the real assist came from Liverpool’s poor defending at set-pieces. Rodgers has a lot of problems right now, but this is surely top of the list.

Chelsea have all the hallmarks of champions

It may be a cliche, but Chelsea didn’t exactly shine in their game against QPR either, and yet come away with six points from their last two Premier League games. Their rivals must surely worry about what will happen when they come back into form.


Costa’s fitness is overplayed

It feels like we’ve talked more about Costa’s fitness this season than we have his performances, despite the fact that the Brazilian has bagged 10 goals already. Mourinho got his way with Costa left out of the latest Spain squad, but it’s hard not to feel the Chelsea manager is overplaying the situation based on Costa’s display at Anfield.