THREE Things We Learned From Man City’s Draw With Chelsea

A close fought draw was probably a lot of people’s predictions before the match and that’s what we got. However, there was a lot to be learned from this game.

Here are the THREE Things we learned from Man City’s draw with Chelsea:

Costa met his match

Diego Costa’s physical style led many to predict he’d be a success in the Premier League, and while this has so far been true, the Brazilian met his match in Vincent Kompany. Touché

Mangala looks promising

Central defence was one of City’s few weak points last season, with Demichelis and Lescott letting the Citizens down on several occasions. The introduction of Mangala to this Manchester City team is encouraging for Manuel Pellegrini’s team but worrying for their opponents.

Football Continues To Be Governed by Fate

It was only ever going to end one way when Lampard starting warming up, right? The reasons that we say these kind of things is that they seem to happen so often in football. Fate, destiny, call it what you want, but situations like today tend to happen strangely often.