Triesman criticises FA’s Terry verdict

Former FA chairman Lord Triesman has stated that the governing body have not represented black players in the country with their lenient verdict over John Terry’s racist remarks to Anton Ferdinand.

The Chelsea skipper was handed a four-match ban for the comments he made to the QPR defender last season, but Triesman feels that the FA have not shone throughout the incident.

“I take a fairly hard view and I think we should have zero tolerance,” he said to The Guardian.

“The delay, the fact it has taken a year, is unconscionable. You shouldn’t have any kind of system which has got a judicial, judgmental element, which takes this long because it gives the impression people are indifferent to the issues. And people shouldn’t be indifferent to the issues.

“I can’t for the life of me see why the FA couldn’t have proceeded before the court case. Sports bodies do have the capacity to act earlier than the courts, to demonstrate their leadership, and they should have done so.

“I know some people will say if you have any hearing it’s likely to prejudice the outcome of the court case, but I think the application of the rules of the game are issues for the body that controls the game – and those should be dealt with in a timely way.

“I just wonder what impression it gives to the rest of the world, and particularly to those players from ethnic communities who do face abuse, sadly – less than they used to, but still do face abuse – I wonder what it says to them if it takes a year to get to this stage,” he concluded.

By Gareth McKnight

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