Twitter falls in love with Antonio Conte after just one Chelsea press conference

Antonio Conte signed on as Chelsea boss in April, and was today officially unveiled as the new Chelsea boss in a press conference.

Chelsea fans were looking forward to getting a glimpse of what to expect from Conte’s reign at the helm of the club, with the new Blues boss fielding a number of questions from both English and Italian journalists.

The press conference lacked the extravagance of previous incarnations, a-la Jose Mourinho, but that is exactly what Chelsea bosses wanted. After a disappointing season last year, the boss simply wants to get back to work.

Despite the relaxed and calm nature of the press conference, there were a number of key takeaways; many of which impressed the Chelsea faithful

In fact, Chelsea fans were unanimous in their positive response to Conte…

It looks like Chelsea fans are very pleased with their new boss?

What do FFC fans think of the newest addition to the Premier League? Think he’ll do well? Let us know.