Two pros and two cons to John Terry staying at Chelsea

After months of speculation, in May it was revealed that John Terry had signed a new one-year contract extension to remain with his beloved Chelsea for another season.

The season will mark another year to an already 20-year long stint with his boyhood club, with Antonio Conte recently revealing that Terry will remain as Chelsea captain for yet another year.

There is no doubting the quality of Terry, and how much he has contributed to the football club; but some fans are questioning whether the deal was really best for business…

Chelsea fans were campaigning for months to get their hero a new deal, but at what cost could the contract extension come at?

Here are TWO pros and TWO cons to John Terry staying at Chelsea next season…



Perhaps the main catalyst for the deal, and the main reason why Chelsea fans were so keen to keep JT on board next season was because the 35-year-old deserves the new deal.

In the 2014/15 campaign JT played every single Premier League minute en route to a Premier League win, and although last season was a disappointing one for all involved – John Terry still kept pace with the rest of the players in the squad despite his age.

If any player deserved another chance this season it was definitely John Terry, and you would be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn’t back John to get back to his best.

The simple answer – Terry DESERVES a new deal, and the chance to prove that he can still go with anyone.



Another key advantage to keeping JT around is the importance that his captaincy has on the Chelsea first team.

Antonio Conte recently discussed this idea, and the new Chelsea boss reaffirmed that Terry is the Chelsea captain; regardless of if he is playing or not. Think of it as a ‘club’ captain, rather than ‘team’ captain.

There is no doubting that JT might not get as much game time next season, but his presence around the first team and in the dressing room is invaluable for Conte AND Chelsea going forward.

With so many Chelsea legends leaving in recent years, it was essential that The Blues kept on to the most important one.

Tainted Legacy

Terry, Cole, Lampard (Chelsea)

Despite the inherent advantages to keeping JT on board, there is no doubting that it does come with some inherent risks.

One key issue, that has many Chelsea fans worried, is that he may taint his legacy should the worst happen this season.

If Chelsea suffer another bad campaign, or Terry spends the majority of the season on the sidelines – that is the image that will haunt his career.

The British media is brutal, and they wont remember his career highlights or trophy wins, they will remember his low points.

You would hope that he will have a successful year next season, but if that doesn’t happen – it really could leave a sour taste in the mouth of Chelsea fans who have always seen Terry as a god amongst men.

Barrier for Youth

John Terry

John Terry is really getting on – in fact he is already 35 years old.

The reality is that best case scenario; JT probably has two years AT MOST left in the tank at Chelsea or indeed somewhere else.

There is definitely an argument to be had that at 35, Terry can only offer so much to a side; and many would argue that his spot in the first team would be more suitable to a young player that can play the occasional minute, and will in 2 years time be ready to make the jump into the first team.

John Terry’s retention is definitely a short term fix, and it remains to be seen whether it is worth it. But if his renewal cuts short opportunities for young players, is it really right for business?