VIDEO: The Torres Solution

Chelsea striker Fernando TorresFernando Torres has come in for a lot of criticism of late, but before you start mocking the Spaniard for his inability in front of goal, remember one thing – it’s not his fault.

You may scoff, you may even let out a little chuckle, but it’s true – everyone’s favourite golden-haired rabbit in the headlights can’t help but miss.

Unfortunately for Nando, he is one of many players suffering with a mystery illness, or at least it was a mystery until El Nino discovered a way of turning his fortunes around.

Not only could this video save the career of the Chelsea forward, but hundreds of strikers all over the world could put their misses from 6 yards, aimless runs and scuffed toe pokes behind them with the help of one simple solution.

Forget Comic Relief, Band Aid and Children in Need, it’s the world’s strikers that need help and luckily, this video can do just that.

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