Why Chelsea boss needs to realise he’s not this Man United legend

Jose Mourinho’s second coming at Chelsea was met with the assumption that he was going to create some sort of dynasty at Stamford Bridge.

The objective was to build a team that could dominate for a decade, rather than just a couple of seasons. This is still the long-term goal for Chelsea and Mourinho, but once again the cracks are beginning to show in Mourinho’s third season.

Over the years Mourinho has often talked of his admiration for Sir Alex Ferguson, and what the Scotsman has achieved with Manchester United. Since rejoining Chelsea it has occurred to Mourinho that the only records he has left to break are those set by Sir Alex.

However, longevity is a weakness for Mourinho, his tendency to run at the first sign of trouble, to protect his own ego, has served him well around Europe.

To be fair to Mourinho, this season, despite the usual signs of trouble, the Portuguese has vowed to stay until he is sacked. This was honourable, although Mourinho started the rumours of his dismissal in the first place, so hopefully, the public backing of the owners will have reassured the overly paranoid Mourinho.

When you speak of a truly great manager like Sir Alex, you praise his service to Man United, and the impressive stability of his successes there. Mourinho, on the other hand, piggybacks on the success of his predecessors, and spends large amounts of cash to ensure short-term victories, to boost his own CV.

Despite this Mourinho is clearly a very good manager; any criticism of Jose is simply a result of the wealth of success Sir Alex has maintained. Ferguson is a doyen in managerial terms, and arguably the greatest manager to have ever graced the game. Mourinho, like most managers just simply can’t compete with the consistency of Sir Alex.

Maybe a part of Mourinho realises that he can’t repeat the achievements of Sir Alex at Chelsea, which is why he lashes out at opposing managers and journalists. Perhaps Jose can see himself greying and becoming more and more like Wenger, fearful of being in the shadow of Fergie for the rest of his career.

The best thing Mourinho can do right now is to cut his losses, allow Diego Simeone to take charge at Chelsea, and move on. The quicker Mourinho realises he’s not Ferguson the better. Sir Alex never considered himself to be bigger than Man United; this kind of humility is not in Mourinho’s makeup, which is why Jose will never manage a club for more than a decade like Sir Alex or Wenger.

Who knows, maybe Mourinho will knock Ferguson of his perch, but if I was him, I would move to somewhere, maybe PSG or Bayern Munich, instead of chasing the never to be repeated achievements of Sir Alex Ferguson.

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