Why is this Man City star itching for the exit door?

Frank Lampard could be leaving Manchester City this month to start his campaign for new club, New York City FC.

It has long been a debate as to when players who have signed for clubs in the MLS should join their team if they are playing a Premier League club in the closed season. The MLS season starts part way though the Premier League one and it’s been an issue since players started going across the pond.

Even though the MLS season starts before our leagues finish the transfer window doesn’t shut until May leaving the option open. LA Galaxy fans took a long time to warm up to David Beckham as he used to miss the first part of their season to play for AC Milan.

Many players who sign for MLS clubs do a similar thing and it was expected Frank Lampard would join New York City FC once the Premier League season had ended but this could be due to change.

The 36-year-old is getting increasingly frustrated at Man City due to the lack of game time Manuel Pellegrini is giving him. Whilst Yaya Toure was away at the African Cup of Nations, Lampard was given a lot more games and impressed many of the fans with his abilities. However, since Toure has been back the games have petered off.

Lampard, it is said, is meant to be frustrated as he was ready to join up with New York for the beginning of their season but he was convinced to stay at City being told he had a vital role to play. Even though the former England international has made 30 appearances for the side who sit second in the Premier League, the majority of these appearances have been for the last 10 minutes of games and he isn’t happy about it.

Lampard is now contemplating moving to New York earlier than planned. He is aware that City have a big squad and he believes that his leaving will not influence where they finish in the long run. Lampard just wants to play football and that is admirable.

He knows he is coming to the end of his career and wants to play as much as he can until he has to retire. As far as he is concerned he just wants to be somewhere where he is appreciated and at the moment that place is not City.

There could be a negative for Lampard if he leaves Man City early. The current champions are still firmly in this year’s title race and by staying to the end of the season there is a chance he could lift the Premier League trophy for one last time. It is a difficult call to make and I am sure it is not one that will be made over night.

Whether Lampard stays or goes to America now, one thing is certain: he will go down as one of the greats for both his country and the Premier League.