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Why the Chelsea boss is the most arrogant man in football…

Just moments after Chelsea were beaten by Southampton, at the once impenetrable Stamford Bridge, Mourinho challenged Roman Abramovich to, “sack me if you dare”. Just to clarify this is the same man who claimed Arsene Wenger was ‘untouchable’ and therefore could not be sacked. His post match seven-minute monologue, despite being broadcast to millions, was directed at one-person alone, club owner Abramovich.

The Russian is the only man with the authority to dismiss Mourinho. Therefore it was a timely reminder by Mourinho to state the obvious, that he is the best manager Chelsea has ever had.

Since Mourinho’s first departure from Chelsea in 2007, the Blues have consistently won trophies, despite a managerial revolving door strategy. The only thing that has remained consistent in Chelsea’s Abramovich era is Abramovich and his millions.

Money has brought Mourinho immense success at Chelsea; he has the freedom to buy the cream of the crop around Europe. His career has been something of a FIFA career mode, straying from one rich club to the other every few years. This has made the Portuguese a very spoilt child when things don’t go his way.

Rather than building the legacy of one club over many years like Sir Alex or Wenger, Mourinho has opted for the selfish route, to bolster his CV by job-hopping around Europe.

His biggest achievement was probably winning the Champions League with FC Porto. Mourinho had a great team there, although his journey to the final was akin to the kind of fortune Greece enjoyed during EURO 2004, and was summed up by the fact that Porto’s opponents in the final were AS Monaco.

Wherever Mourinho’s gone since then, he has always inherited the richest team in the best position to win the league. The true test of his credentials was with Real Madrid, to see if he could knock Barcelona of their fucking perch. He tried for a few years, won one title out of three, then resigned, or was he sacked? You never know with Mourinho.

So the ‘special one’ returned to Chelsea, signed Eto’o, regretted it, and then complained for the rest of the season that he didn’t have a good enough striker. It’s not like Chelsea didn’t spend any money that year, they were the second highest spenders behind Man City. Just for the record Chelsea finished 3rd that season, the reason for this according to Mourinho was due to biased referring towards Liverpool.

The scapegoats have been in full flow this year, first it was club doctor Eva Carniero, and then it was club captain John Terry. Last weekend it was the referee’s fault for not awarding a penalty to Chelsea. Jose ranted about this for several minutes. Mourinho was then asked to comment on the other discernible penalties Southampton were denied, although he declined to comment.

I personally hope Mourinho stays, and propels his Chelsea team to glory this season, without the aid of the January transfer window. Who knows maybe this is all part of a genius plan by Mourinho to prove that he is the best. Alternatively he could take the Liverpool job, which would be a real test of his managerial capabilities.

In reality he is more likely to join Paris St Germian, win a couple of titles and continue his travels around Europe.

Article title: Why the Chelsea boss is the most arrogant man in football…

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