Will David Luiz shine or slump at Stamford Bridge?

David Luiz is a man that everyone loved to hate at Stamford Bridge during his last spell.

But in one of the biggest transfer window shocks we’ve ever seen, David Luiz returned to London in a £30million deal, joining in the final moments of deadline day. It’s clear that this transfer has sent shockwaves through the footballing world.

David Luiz was a player who completely divided opinion during his first spell at Chelsea, arguably like no player ever has done before. He was a fan favourite, a player with good humour, a big personality and obviously someone that cares about his football very much.

He’s also featured, and done very well as a defensive midfielder. He’s a European champion and has bags of domestic experience at the very top level in world football. All in all, on paper, it doesn’t feel like much is wrong at all.

But on the pitch he’s extremely prone to error. He’s a player who often finds himself out of position, leaving gaps between the centre-backs. He is extremely susceptible to confrontation too – stamp on the back of his legs, pull his shirt and wind him up, that will make his game go downhill even more.

The problem that many have with the Brazilian is that, at 29 years-old his game is set in its ways. The faults that are in his game are there to stay, and despite a good couple of years at PSG, the competition between the sides below them is far inferior to what we see in the Premier League. There are decent players in Ligue 1, of course, but the calibre of quality always takes a step up when you come back to England.

Chelsea have the likes of Manchester United, City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool, Leicester, Southampton and Everton to look forward this season, to name a few. PSG had Marseille, Lyon and arguably Monaco at a stretch as “top quality” sides that might threaten their pursuit of silverware.

How will Luiz fare against former teammate Ibrahimovic, or Jamie Vardy, or Harry Kane? It’s going to be tough for the Brazilian, but Conte obviously sees something in him that will add quality to his squad.

But with the Italian manager having worked with so many top-class players in the Italian squad over the past couple of years, I do wonder whether Luiz is as good as someone like Barzagli, Chiellini or Bonucci. There are reasons behind his decisions and we’ll have to wait and see to observe how Conte deploys Luiz in his Chelsea side but he’ll have a lot of people ready to criticise his performances.

The best thing the former PSG man can do is start well and be as defensively solid as possible. He has good team-mates around him but the jury is out on Luiz.

Will he flop or will he shine? Let’s wait and see as the Blues travel to Swansea this weekend….