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Crystal Palace bringing some cheer to the Premier League

crystalsIf Premier League teams are looking for a way to increase revenue, a simple solution would be adding cheerleaders.

In light of the Crystal Palace cheerleaders’ ‘Glad All Over’ music video, which has over 135,000 views on YouTube in only two days and shows these beautiful women dancing in their cheerleading outfits and in bathing suits, this video got me thinking as to why they are the only Premier League team with these beautiful dancers, especially in one of the most popular sporting leagues in the world. Cheerleaders have always been a form of sporting entertainment to get fans aroused and interested in ways other than the actual game. And cheerleaders are a simple and fantastic answer. Usually the way these ladies expose themselves in their tight outfits as well as their dancing get fans even more invested in the team.

So what’s holding Premier League teams back?

Some other major sporting leagues such as the NFL and NBA use cheerleaders, not only during the game, but also as a way to run promotional events off the field or court and in the community. The Dallas Cowboys’s, perhaps the most well-known NFL franchise, cheerleaders are so well known that Country Music Television runs a show titled “Making the Team”. The show documents several women working like crazy to try and make the cheerleading team for that upcoming season. It has become such a hit that it is coming up on its eighth season. It’s no secret that cheerleaders are one of the biggest draws to a sporting event aside from the actual competition.

Aside from it being a very entertaining video, I can only hope that this piece by the Crystal Palace cheerleaders can be seen as an informational piece to Premier League teams and inspire them to bring in their own cheerleaders.

Article title: Crystal Palace bringing some cheer to the Premier League

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