Sherwood Turns Down Crystal Palace After Not Being Offered Job

How does one keep face when you’re in a two man race for a job, you’re rival is accused of being racist, sexist and homophobic and you still end up not being offered the job? Tim Sherwood appears to have offered a way out by graciously withdrawing his interest when it was clear that Crystal Palace had no intentions of making him their new manager.

If I had been offered the job early in the process, soon after my interview, I would have taken it.’

Yes, thank you stating the obvious Tim.

‘But at some point, as a manager, you want to know the interviews have stopped and you’re the club’s first choice.’

i.e. that they actually want you to be their manager.

Well it’s good to know Sherwood picked up on the hints anyway – it was all getting a bit cryptic there for a while.