West Ham’s loss really could be Crystal Palace’s gain

Despite initially arriving at Upton Park full of renewed hope and confidence ahead of the 2015/16 Premier League campaign, Alex Song has experienced a season to forget at West Ham this term, and his immediate future in the Premier League looks anything but secure right in the here and now.

Such an outcome simply represents a great shame for the Hammers in the cold light of day – for although the Cameroon international has certainly failed to set the world alight of late, the former Arsenal favourite nonetheless remains a particularly gifted player who can most definitely serve to impress on his day.

Yet as Crystal Palace will reportedly come a-callin’ for the current Barcelona loanee upon the culmination of the Premier League season: could Song really begin to revive his career at Selhurst Park next season, or is the 28-year-old midfielder simply finished in the English top-flight?

Well, although the ex-Emirates battler has failed to hit top form across the current domestic campaign thus far, Alex Song clearly represents a technically gifted midfielder who remains more than worthy of consideration this coming summer.

When it comes to finding his respective team-mates all across the park with elegant finesse, displaying a rage of technical skill that is scarcely replicated in England and simply possessing some of the most effective shielding abilities the Premier League has ever seen with the ball locked firmly at his feet, this is one player who certainly serves to excite in most given scenarios.

Even when things are clearly failing to play out positively for the player in question out on the field, Song must go down as someone worthy of getting fans out of their seats, which is something most defensive midfielders cannot claim to do regularly.

Although Song has often been criticised by the Upton Park faithful for holding onto the ball far too long in certain instances, as well as lacking a certain amount of urgency in the middle of the pitch, the vast majority of West Ham supporters would probably want the 28-year-old to stay on at their club in an ideal world.

Crystal Palace would nonetheless have to show a certain sense of cautiousness regarding any deal involving Song this summer, however, for although the former Arsenal midfielder clearly represents a very talented player when all is said and done, his injury record has been anything but positive.

The current Barcelona loanee has seen his individual game plummet in 2015/16 due to a succession of poorly timed injury complaints, which in light of West Ham’s impressive displays in the English top-flight this season, has seen the enigmatic Cameroonian slip down Slaven Bilic’s pecking order.

Yet as Alan Pardew’s Eagles could Song up on a cut-price deal this approaching summer, perhaps Crystal Palace should ultimately cast the midfielder’s distinct shortcomings to one side this season, and look to include the skilful African in their upcoming plans.

Such a deal would represent something of a logical move for the player himself of course, who certainly wouldn’t be too heavily displaced by a possible switch to south London next season.

This potential deal therefore seems to make a great deal of sense for Crystal Palace looking forward, for although the former Gunners favourite has drifted away from the spot-light in 2015/16, Alex Song nonetheless warrants his exciting reputation – even at this particular stage in his latter career…