Everton boss: Fellaini needs to toughen up

Everton midfielde Marouane Fellaini

Everton boss, David Moyes wants Marouane Fellaini to deal with his opponents in a better way and thinks the midfielder should look towards Messi as an example.

Fellaini had a cut knee after a challenge from Bradley Johnson in Saturday’s game against Norwich, which referee Lee Mason didn’t do anything about. Fellaini reacted later on in the game pushing Johnson over which led to a free kick and a warning from the ref.

Fellaini is known as one of the hotheads of the Premier League after he was banned this season for head-butting Ryan Shawcross.

Moyes also said that referees could protect Fellaini a bit more as he feels opposing teams target him more than others. However, he also added that the Belgian midfielder should stop retaliating and learn to ignore his opponents.

“So I have told Fellaini he has to copy that. I don’t think he’ll ever be as good as that, but certainly in his temperament, he should try to be similar to Lionel Messi, who looks as if he just gets on and accepts that people have to try to stop him some way,” Moyes told Sky Sports.

“You trust officials and expect them to go about their job the same for everybody. But if you look at Fellaini, you know he has to take as many challenges as anybody.

“He will give as many out, but I don’t think he gets protected as well as what there is when he is challenging somebody. It is frustrating, but I’ve got to say he has got good at it.”

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