Everton fans attack Allardyce over comments on social media

Everton manager Sam Allardyce has lashed out at the media for creating negativity around the club, but Everton fans think there’s only one person creating negativity.

Everton were in a sorry state when Sam Allardyce took over from Ronald Koeman, but despite leading them to Premier League safety Big Sam is yet to win over the fans at Goodison.

However, the manager claimed in his pre-Liverpool press conference that only a “small minority” of fans are unhappy with his reign, and blamed the press for reading too much into social media.

Asked if a derby win would convince some of the doubters, he said: “Where are the doubters?

“Have you been looking at Twitter and Facebook? Your lives are really run by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram far too much.

“You are professional journalists. You shouldn’t listen to speculating unprofessionals which is what you are doing to get your stories.

“So be real and say that there are a few that are complaining and there a few that speculate that my reign at the end of the season will not be here – on many fronts, on radio, on TV, in the papers and social media.

“You create the stir but really for me that’s only a small minority.”

Everton were booed off the pitch by large sections of Goodison Park after the loss to Manchester City, and several fans walked out of the stadium at half time, so the manager’s claims that only a minority are unhappy might be a little off.

Fans have been annoyed since his arrival by his smug demeanor and negative football, and if connecting with the fans is part of the job, the 63 year-old has definitely failed in that regard.

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