Everton fans bash Barkley over new transfer report

According to reports, Ross Barkley’s agent made a cool £7million off the young Scouser’s move to London, and Everton fans are fed up of hearing about the 24 year-old.

When Everton negotiated the £35m sale of Ross Barkley to Chelsea last summer, fans were disappointed, but nothing compared to the backlash when he moved to Stamford Bridge six months later for a measly £15m.

Barkley stayed at Everton until January to recover from his thigh injury, and in the process knocked £20m off his price tag.

Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson called for a police investigation into whether any fraud had taken place, but Merseyside Police said there was no evidence of a crime.

Crime or not though, Everton fans were absolutely furious with the manner in which Barkley left his boyhood club, and they’ve been absolutely loving his downfall since.

The 24 year-old has played just three times since the move, effectively ruling him out of any chance of going to the World Cup.

The move has certainly been profitable for his agents though, and Everton fans have been reacting to the news that Chelsea paid the Wasserman Group a fee equal to nearly half the transfer.

Some of the best Twitter reactions can be found below…