Everton fans can’t believe Allardyce’s parting comments

Everton fans are crucifying Sam Allardyce, after their former manager said “most fans” did not want him to be sacked.

With the exception of Alan Pardew at Newcastle, you’d be hard pushed to find a more toxic relationship between fans and manager in recent years than Sam Allardyce at Everton.

Allardyce did exactly what he was brought to the club to do, making them harder to beat, saving them from a relegation scrap, and stabilising the club.

The former England man alienated the fans though, failing to sympathise with their frustrations about his style of play and even throwing in a few bizarre boasts along the way.

Fans were delighted when the experienced manager left the club on Wednesday, and they’re once again bashing their former leader for his departing comments.

“I would say most of them (Everton fans) didn’t want me out. Not everybody has the same opinion as some few,” Big Sam told talkSPORT.

“The fans who show discontent are always more vocal.

“The club was in a very difficult position, but it improved as time went on.

“If it wasn’t enough for the Everton fans at that time who were showing some discontent, I think there were certainly more fans who were happy with what we were doing than the ones that weren’t.”

It’s safe to say Everton fans don’t agree with this, although there are certainly a few who appreciate what Allardyce did for the club.

Fans have been absolutely destroying him on Twitter, and some of the best reactions can be found below…