Everton fans furious as team heads to Dubai training camp

Sitting in 9th place having just won their second home game on the bounce, from a distance, it would all seem rosy at Everton, especially considering their dire start to the season.

However, with the Premier League table tighter than ever, even the Toffees are just a couple of defeats away from relegation trouble. And despite a general upturn in form, new manager Sam Allardyce has not been welcomed by the fans, who cite his boring tactics and perennial lack of responsibility for defeats as the reason for their displeasure.

To try and inject some life back into a stagnant season, the Everton squad have travelled to Dubai for a warm weather training camp; the F.A. Cup halting Premier League action for the next seven days.

However, many Everton fans feel that this trip is undeserved and have taken to Twitter to express their anger…