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Everton need a new ground, but they cannot repeat West Ham’s mistakes

Farhad Moshiri, Everton’s billionaire backer, has hinted he will finally deliver a much-needed new stadium for the Toffees in the not-too-distant future. Whilst there is no doubt at all that it is necessary – Everton are some way behind the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City, all teams with relatively new or redeveloped stadia – there is no guarantee that it will breed the success that the Iranian has also promised to deliver.

West Ham’s London stadium has caused all sorts of issues. Right from the start, sections of supporters were opposed to ever leaving Upton Park, and that’s fair enough, but expanding the stadium should lead to progress for the club in the long-term. Change should be for the better.

The move to the Olympic Park has been anything but smooth, and a small section of West Ham fans have ruined it for the vast majority. The new stadium has contributed and the reception to the change has been poor, as has the reaction from the club in terms of policies and policing put in place.

The suggestion that the team’s poor form has contributed to issues is not invalid, but should be no excuse. Everton would do well to learn from the mistakes West Ham have made, but it is not as simple as that. A small minority can have a large impact very quickly.

Having a new, larger stadium should mean more revenue, more noise from more supporters and ultimately the aim is to create more success than before. The reality is sometimes somewhat different.

There is certainly no guarantee that a new stadium will be a success story. West Ham’s drop in form at the start of the season has certainly proven that in the short-term; it is up to Everton to work out how to change that.

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Article title: Everton need a new ground, but they cannot repeat West Ham’s mistakes

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