Everton stars prove their bottle ahead of this summer’s World Cup

In preparation for this month’s World Cup, Everton and England stars Phil Jagielka and Ross Barkley took a little time away from the training pitch to participate in the Chang Beer Crossbar Challenge.

The trial took place at Everton FC’s Finch Farm training ground.

The Toffees’ captain and his 20-year-old teammate were given the task of kicking a ball from the halfway line, hitting the crossbar and causing a plastic Chang Beer bottle on top to fall to the ground.

Who fared better, you ask? Was it the English centre-back or mercurial midfielder everyone calls the next Wayne Rooney?

Fortunately, no one was injured during the challenge, so everyone hoping both make an impact at the World Cup can relax.

To see how the Crossbar Challenge went for these two lads, check out the video below.

Premium Thai lager, Chang Beer, has been the proud sponsor of Everton FC for ten years. Follow the brand on Instagram or Twitter @ChangBeerUK.