How £50m Chelsea and Barcelona target sums up methodless madness of the Premier League

This season more than ever, the Premier League has shown its true colours as a wonderfully entertaining product, though something that struggles for top quality on a consistent basis.

It is beautifully chaotic and captures the imagination of millions around the world, though the lack of method to the madness doesn’t create an environment where manager’s can conjure up sound tactical plans week in, week out.

That may change next season when we see the arrival of Pep Guardiola and presumably Antonio Conte, though clearly the struggles in the Champions League suggest our top sides are not quite good enough.

Arsenal’s loss to Barcelona in midweek was accepted as a result that brought the Gunners no shame. Rightly so, considering the might of the Blaugrana’s attacking trident.

However, what Arsenal and other top sides in this country must be ashamed of is just how far they are off the likes of the Spanish giants.

In fact, ever since Luis Suarez left Liverpool for the Camp Nou almost TWO years ago, only a couple of players have recorded more goals than him in the overall standings since 2013.

Still, with the national team being what it is, the Premier League is without doubt the shining beacon of English football. For without the glitz and glamours of it, these shores provide only a rather desolate serious footballing arena.

Ironic perhaps, due to the influx of foreign players being one of the main reasons it is watched around the world, but clearly the top tier in this country is the prized asset on these isles.

So, the crown jewel of English football is good to watch but does not posses a sound tactical understanding of the game.

Sound familiar?

Enter, John Stones.

Granted, referring to the Everton defender as the ‘crown jewel’ of English football is a touch too radical, but there is no denying the hype surrounding him up until recently.

Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City and Chelsea have all been linked with him, after he emerged as a truly gifted ball playing centre-half.

At one point, his reported value was thought to be around the £50m mark.

However, a series of defensive lapses have smashed the sheen of invincibility surrounding the 22-year old, who is now often the subject of jibes.

Stones is still learning and has every chance of nurturing the vast amount of talent he clearly has.

However, no player this season has summed up the Premier League as a whole as much as the former Barnsley trainee.

Good to watch, but does know what he’s doing?

The jury is still out.