HYS: Does Davy Klaassen deserve another chance at Everton?

Everton’s massive summer spending spree last year turned out to be a complete disaster, but does Davy Klaassen deserve another chance?

When Everton splashed out huge sums of money on stars like Davy Klaassen, Gylfi Sigurdsson and Michael Keane, fans were hopeful it could push them towards a battle with the top six.

Unfortunately for the Toffees, their massive summer spree only pushed Ronald Koeman to his exit, and the arrival of Sam Allardyce certainly didn’t do much to lift spirits.

The likes of Sigurdsson and Keane showed glimpses of why Everton spent so much money on them, but undoubtedly the biggest disappointment was Davy Klaassen.

The Dutch playmaker was superb in Ajax’s run to the Europa League final, and fans were hopeful that him and Sigurdsson could provide the creative force they have lacked for so long.

The 25 year-old played just 251 Premier League minutes this season though, averaging just 14 passes per game in his seven appearances (although four of them came as a substitute).

His complete inability to earn playing time under two different managers is a major concern, but there is a quality player in there somewhere.

Klaassen is an excellent passer when he’s fit and firing, and his goalscoring ability is far above that of an average midfielder, so Everton should definitely give him another chance under new management.

Marco Silva has often been criticised for his lack of defensive organisation, but he certainly knows how to get a team ticking over on the attacking end, and Klaassen could just be his key man.

So, Everton fans, does Klaassen deserve another chance? Or is he simply not good enough? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…