Jagielka praised for his ‘animal’ performance

Everton defender Phil Jagielka

Eveton’s Tim Howard has praised his team mate Phil Jagielka after his ‘animal’ like performance against QPR, as the Toffees remain in the top four.

The Merseyside club secured the hard fought draw after coming from behind against a struggling Rangers side.

The controversial dismissal by referee John Moss means that the South African will now miss next Sunday’s Merseyside Derby.

Tim Howard insisted that the point picked up in West London was a well earned, especially as they had a man short and Everton won’t feel to down hearted ahead of their clash with Liverpool as Jagielka is in such defiant form.

“Jags was immense, Howard told the Liverpool Echo.

“He’s grown and grown and looks like he will cement himself in the England team like that.

“He’s been doing that for us for years. He’s a player who does his own job and at the risk of making a mistake he’ll try and cover for everyone else on the field too. He’s a leader, he’s solid, and was an animal against QPR.

“It was a classic centre half performance- he was everywhere. It was just one of those nights you knew he wasn’t going to get beaten. He’s been a rock for us for a long time and we need him to have the momentum going into the derby.”

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