Just get rid of him: Everton fans moan about Cuco Martina’s return

Everton fans have taken to Twitter to moan about the return of Cuco Martina, after it was revealed that Feyenoord would not be exercising their option to buy as they look to balance their finances.

The Curacao international was signed on a free transfer by Ronald Koeman back in 2017, after being left as a free agent following his time at Southampton where he worked under the Dutch coach.

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Martina made 28 appearances for the Toffees before spending time on loan at Stoke and Feyenoord, but will now be returning to Goodison Park in the summer.

It was always a strange decision by Koeman to sign Martina, as he had never really offered anything to show that he was up to the standard required at a club like Everton.

Even more amazingly, Koeman signed Martina up to a three-year deal, so the Merseysiders are stuck with the 29-year-old until the summer of 2020.

Let’s see what the frustrated Everton supporters on Twitter have been saying about Martina’s return…