Moyes salutes Suarez celebration

Everton manager David MoyesEverton boss David Moyes has told reporters that there are no hard feelings following Luis Suarez’s cheeky goal celebration during Sunday’s Merseyside derby at Goodison Park.

The Uruguayan forward celebrated his 14th minute strike, which ricocheted off Leighton Baines into the Everton goal, by speeding towards the Toffees’ dugout and performing an Oscar-worthy dive, landing inches away from David Moyes.

Suarez scored a second for the Reds just six minutes later, however Everton managed to level the scores before half time.

The bizarre celebration was a direct response to comments made by the Scottish gaffer in the build-up to the hotly anticipated Premier League derby, blaming Suarez for discontenting football fans through his dramatic diving antics.

“It will turn the public and fans off football if they think people are conning their way to results. When you’re out to manufacture results, supporters don’t like it” said Moyes on Saturday.

The Scot was left blue in the face after Phil Neville was booked for diving just before half time. In a post-match interview, the Everton captain admitted he had gone down easy from a Daniel Agger challenge.

“It was a stupid thing to do. I don’t often find myself in that position and I thought Daniel Agger was going to take me out,” explained Neville.

“But I got a good kick up the backside at half-time as I couldn’t commit to tackles in the second half. I’ll take the rollicking and I won’t do it again, that’s for sure.”

Following the full time whistle, Moyes addressed Neville’s simulated fall with a serious tone.

“Well I have got to say Phil Neville went down too easy so I have told him about it,” said the Scot.

However, the Everton boss viewed Suarez’s controversial celebration in a light-hearted manner. Moyes told reporters: “I thought it was great. I would probably have done the same if I had been the player, but he is going to have to dive in front of a lot of managers then I think.

“I might have done the same to him, if we had won 3-2 I might have done one in front of him as well,” he added.

The thrilling derby finished 2-2, however Liverpool fans will feel hard done by as a late goal from Luis Suarez was wrongly disallowed. The point-a-piece leaves Everton in 5th place, while the Reds move up to 12th.

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