Pundit View: Paul Merson clearly isn’t very clued up on Premier League history

Manchester City 3-2 QPR. Newcastle 4-4 Arsenal. Crystal Palace 3-3 Liverpool. All incredible games, all involving teams that looked dead and buried before they pulled off stunning comebacks.

So what is the greatest Premier League turnaround of all time? According to Paul Merson, it’s Everton’s 2-0 win over Chelsea before the international break.

Making his predictions for this week’s clash at the London Stadium, Merson told Sky Sports when reflecting on the last outing at Goodison Park…

“I’ve never seen a turnaround like it in the Premier League. You see them on a Sunday morning when then wind is gale force and a team plays downhill, but not in the top-flight.”

Compelling stuff from Sky Sports’ resident butcher of any name with a hint of exoticism, as if he’s been secretly running Brexit’s native advertising campaign for the last decade.

In fairness, Everton were a completely different side in the second half against Chelsea, the statistics tell us as much. 3 shots in the first half compared to 12 in the second, 0 corners compared to four, and of course no goals compared to two.

What’s more, the shift in momentum after an incredibly dire opening 45 minutes was pretty much instant; Richarlison reacted quickest after Dominic Calvert-Lewin connected with a corner to put Everton ahead four minutes on from the interval. Whatever Marco Silva said at half-time clearly worked.

But just consider the strength of that claim – “I’ve never seen a turnaround like it in the Premier League.”

This is a man who has been paid to watch the Premier League every week for years, whose own club were on the receiving end of arguably the Premier League’s greatest ever comeback at the hands of Newcastle, when the Magpies scored four goals in the final 22 minutes to pull off a draw back in 2011.

Does Merson actually think Everton’s turnaround against Chelsea was more impressive, more unprecedented, more special? It’s either hyperbole for the sake of a predictions column, or genuine stupidity.