Something is happening: Everton fans offer views on club’s Michael Keane Twitter post

Everton’s official Twitter account, somewhat strangely, decided to post a random image of Michael Keane on Monday afternoon.

Social media can be a dangerous place when teams or players are not playing well, but Keane has been impressive for the Toffees in recent months.

And it was therefore probably a safe post.

That said, it was still a little bit strange.

As it transpired, nothing followed, despite some believing that a contract extension would be announced.

It did give a good indication of how the Everton fans are feeling about Keane at the moment, though, and the reaction was positive.

In this era of ‘big 6’ dominance, has finishing 7th become as good as winning a trophy? The Pl>ymaker FC squad have their say in the video below…

It has been a strange season for the Toffees for a number of reasons, but they have won five of their last seven in the Premier League and will be looking to put another three points on the board when they head to Tottenham Hotspur on the final weekend.

A selection of the Twitter reaction, which saw a number debate what could follow before the end of the season, can be seen below: