Farage Chelsea, 1D Man United? Five ideal ‘celeb’ football owners…

With football being the far reaching, awe inspiring and fanatically followed phenomenon that it is, celebs are increasingly attracted to the sport. Elton John has been linked with Watford for some time, Delia Smith’s “let’s be ‘avin youuuu” speech is now synonymous with Norwich City and numerous others have been photographed in shirts and with scarves – Drake has quite the collection!

Now the latest big name to be attracted to the glitz and glamour of football is Russell Crowe, who has been aligned with the sparkling disco ball of English ‘soccer’ that is Leeds United… This got us thinking, which celebrities would be ideal for clubs in the Premier League, well here are a selection…

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One Direction – Man United

Old Trafford

Under Louis van Gaal the ball only goes in one direction… forward to Marouane Fellaini – Maybe Harry Styles could do his hair like the big Belgian? 1D and United are massive all over the globe, but, in England at least, they mightily unpopular and a little uncool.

Nigel Farage – Chelsea

A small selection of Blues fans tainted Chelsea supporters’ reputations with some less than appealing actions in Paris. And judging by some of the things said by this minority, they may get on well with political villain, Nigel Farage. The UKIP man is forthright on immigration and is often claimed to be the ‘R word’…

Cliff Richard – Liverpool

Liverpool Jesus

Massive in the 70s and 80s, and, kind of, the 90s, Cliff Richard and Liverpool have a lot in common. Now both are a little embarrassing, harking back to former glories as they grasp for the big time on a few occasions each year. Also, with the Mr. JC at Anfield, they both have the religious angle going for them.

Kim Kardashian – Southampton

Kim K

What do Southampton and famous-for-no-reason American socialite Kim Kardashian have in common? They are both decent at the back, but have nothing up top? Amirite? The Saints are a solid defensive unit and imposing at the rear, but they seem to lack the brain and wherewithal where it matters.

Chris Martin – Man City

Ricoh Arena

Coldplay are mega when it comes to shifting singles and taking up minutes on the airwaves, but, let’s be honest, they’re a little dull… Man City are also at the very top of their respective niche, but are, you guessed it, boring.

Taylor Swift – Swansea City


Swansea were a breath of fresh air at the start, with their playing style attractive, and new, but now the honeymoon is over and the once perfect romance has gone a little stale. As has our relationship with Swifty, who, despite being a looker, is no longer quite as attractive as she once was thanks to her constant wining about, well… everything! Kind of like Garry Monk!