FIFA vice-president wants crackdown on diving

Luis Suarez, LiverpoolFIFA vice-president Jim Boyce wants the FA to have the power to punish players who dive, according to Sky Sports.

The British representative at FIFA wants the “cancer” of diving to be dealt with via disciplinary committees by all of football’s governing bodies and believes such action will make under pressure Premier League referees’ jobs a lot easier.

“I have seen several incidents recently, and I watched the latest Suarez incident two or three times, and to me it is nothing less than a form of cheating.

“It is becoming a little bit of a cancer within the game and I believe if it is clear to everyone that it is simulation then that person is trying to cheat and they should be severely punished for that.

“It can at times be very, very difficult for referees to judge whether something is a foul or a fair tackle and if players are diving then it makes their job even harder,” he said.
Boyce’s comments come in the aftermath of Liverpool‘s Luis Suarez’s alleged dive against Stoke City at Anfield last weekend, and he believes something must be done to¬†eliminate¬†cheating from the game.
“It can be dealt with retrospectively by disciplinary committees, and it is done so in some associations, and I believe that is the correct thing to do,” Boyce added.