Five Reasons Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger must go

Well it looks like the Arsenal faithful are finally starting to get fed up with their manager Arsene Wenger…

After 20 years with the Frenchman at the helm, there have definitely been some good times under Wenger at Highbury and the Emirates, but this season is really starting to show why it’s time for a change at the top.

Every season the Gunners do well enough to qualify for the Champions League and are considered one of Europe’s elite, but they are then knocked out (usually rather easily) by the real giants of the competition.

And in the Premier League, Wenger has pointed to the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea spending millions to win the title, which at the time seemed valid.

However, it’s all different this year… because the two teams on top of the table aren’t the usual powerhouses, but are instead Leicester City and North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

And with Arsenal knocked out of all domestic cup competitions, it’s nothing short of a crisis at the moment.

Here are Five Reasons Arsene Wenger must go this summer.

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