Five signings that prove January is the right time to buy

The January transfer window is not actually all that bad. Other than the fact it’s cold, damp and dark, January can be a good time for Premier League clubs to spend some of their ‘hard-earned’ dosh and keep us all entertained.

Obviously, some refuse to believe this and prefer to splash the cash mindlessly in the summer then wonder why they aren’t playing like 2009 Barcelona.

It’s a time of needs-must, either because a player is going to be swept from your clutches in summer or your squad needs a boost halfway through the season. The January window, then, is reserved for clubs who are willing to pay premium for a short-term boost to their results.

Short-termism isn’t always bad. It can save teams from relegation, it can win titles or it can guarantee the riches of Champions League football for the following campaign.

Now that all sounds great, so here are FIVE examples of January signings that went according to plan…