Five things Everton could learn from Liverpool…

Merseyside derbies are great, aren’t they?

They’re the hardest, most bitter derbies in the Premier League season, as players lunge in for crunching slide tackles from the halfway line and managers suffer abuse in surround sound, top stuff.

Both clubs will have high hopes for next season, as the fresh optimism from the arrivals of Jurgen Klopp and Ronald Koeman sweeps across the two Merseyside clubs ahead of the 2016/17 season.

Fan bases love the excitement around a new manager, but particularly when that also brings in a host of new players in the summer months.

Both the clubs are looking to be very active in the transfer market this summer, as they hope to compete for the top six spots.

The rivalry will only get more tense and more heated if the league table begins to force the two sides into battle that is more than just a sole fixture.

Crucially though, what can Everton learn from Liverpool?

Build an image


The arrival of Ronald Koeman is likely to help Everton build an image over the next couple of seasons, just as Liverpool are looking to do under Jurgen Klopp.

A style of play and a reliable approach when it comes to signing players make it easier to sell a ‘project’ to potential players, too.

Show some consistency…


Investing in players is one of the most important facets of modern day management.

The squad clearly defines the approach of the club as a whole and, both Everton and Liverpool, have had their own issues in building squads.

Liverpool, under both Rodgers and Klopp, have started to show a desire for a specific transfer strategy.

This has not always been an overwhelming success for Liverpool, as it’s often seen sub-par players arrive, but it is a sure fire improvement on the mish-mash investment we have often seen at other clubs.

It’s behind you!

John Stones

Defensively, Liverpool and Everton have been two of the worst teams in the Premier League of late.

Leaking goals from any possibly situation, both Roberto Martinez and Brendan Rodgers seemed to show little concern for the number of defensive errors their teams were making.

Liverpool, however, have delved in to the transfer market to add to their defence, whilst Everton are still wondering what is going to happen to John Stones…

Give someone, anyone, the gloves

Tim Howard

As Tim Howard has left, Everton are left even deeper in the mire when it comes to their goalkeeping situation.

Other than Joel Robles, Everton are desperately short between the sticks and, quite frankly, must solve this as quickly as possible. It’s been a long-running issue at Goodison and they must bring someone in this summer, it’s that simple.

Liverpool, meanwhile, acted quickly to sign a potential replacement for the error-prone Simon Mignolet…

Don’t get carried away…

Ronald Koeman

In a market when every club can wave their chequebook around wildly, Everton may need to take a leaf out of Liverpool’s book.

The Reds have been shrewd to target players who they know will come to the club, rather than chasing bigger names who are highly-sought after.

The ambition cannot be faulted for Everton, but they should really look to complete some deals sooner rather than later.

In their current position, Everton are unlikely to compete for the biggest names and would benefit from targeting more-realistic signings.