Five things Liverpool could learn from Manchester United…

Manchester United’s time at the top of the European game collapsed at the end of the Ferguson years, whilst Liverpool’s collapsed some time back in 1922.

England’s two ‘biggest’ clubs are clearly desperate to reach the levels of the past and treat themselves to waffling on about the history of the game far too often. The stature of the clubs has not diminished, far from it, yet their on field performances over the past few seasons have been close to humiliating.

Success is a distant memory for these two supposed giants of the European game and a fair few changes are needed if they are to right the wrongs of the current ownership and management structures.

As Jose Mourinho and Jurgen Klopp look to return their respective clubs to their former glories, we ask the really important question, what can Liverpool actually learn from Manchester United?

Don’t be scared…

Liverpool - Jurgen Klopp Press Conference

Signing a big name player seems to have developed a taboo around it of late and it has put Liverpool off potential transfers from time to time (or so it seems).

Manchester United, as they strive to compete with Manchester City, have splashed cash in an vulgar fashion as they hunt for competitiveness with the signings of players who are known worldwide.

Liverpool, having just signed Sadio Mane, often take a far more hipster approach to the transfer market, but could yet benefit from the odd big name…

Money is there for a reason


If you’ve got the money, spend it.

Well, that seems to be the philosophy of Manchester United over the past couple of summers and it’s fair to say they’re continuing that ostentatious spending in this summer’s transfer window.

Particularly when it comes to wages, Manchester United have shown no fear in offering players fifteen figures sums for the next fortnight.

Liverpool, meanwhile, might just benefit from using a bit of extra cash to lure some extra stars in…

Turf ’em out

Manchester United v Club Brugge - UEFA Champions League Qualifying Play-Off First Leg

As Manchester United continue to ruthlessly remove the peripheral members of their squad, Liverpool are clinging on to some rather under-performing flops.

Mourinho is showing Klopp how to manage his squad in this respect, as he looks to keep hold of Fellaini, Jones and Valencia, as Liverpool foolishly let Martin Skrtel leave.

Knowing your weaknesses is key for any manager and Manchester United have done brilliantly to remove the deadwood over the past few years.


Attack the issues

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (2)

Rather than bolstering his squad with endless attacking midfielders, Jose Mourinho has shown a direct approach to resolving the issues within the current Manchester United squad.

Signing a playmaker, a centre-back and a striker was crucial for Mourinho and he did just that within days of taking over the reigns at Old Trafford.

Winner, Winner


Whether Mourinho wins trophies at United or not, there is a more recent history of ruthless winning at Old Trafford than Anfield.

Jurgen Klopp won’t be looking to Jose for much inspiration, but it might just help to look back at what has made Liverpool so successful in the past…