Fixture in Focus Podcast: Arsenal vs Chelsea

James Jones is once again awol but fear not, because #FIFpod regular Christy Malyan has stepped up to the helm to host the latest episode of Football FanCast’s Fixture in Focus, which hones in on all matters Arsenal vs Chelsea.

Helping him disect the biggest game in the Premier League this weekend is fellow #FIFpod regular Chris McMullan and the TT’s editor-in-chief Jonnie Gorrie, while Christy also found time to speak with Cheeky Sport’s Joel Beya, who also works with Arsenal Football Club and gave a refreshingly measured view on Mesut Ozil’s recurring absences.

This week’s discussion though, kicks off with our analysis of Tottenham vs Manchester United, a thrilling game that appeared to narrow down the race to become the next Old Trafford manager to just two candidates.

The agenda also included Chelsea’s strange transfer activity and perhaps the biggest question of all heading into Saturday’s key clash – who has done the better job so far, Unai Emery or Maurizio Sarri?

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