Fixture in Focus Podcast – Episode 12 – West Ham v Tottenham

Tottenham fans will tell you this isn’t a big game for them, that it’s irrelevant and just another fixture in their season. West Ham fans will tell you this is the only game they look forward to when the fixture list is released mid-way through June.

That kind of makes it a strange rivalry where two London clubs appear to have such contrasting views of one another, yet in recent years this fixture has provided some real classics.

The London rivalry between West Ham and Tottenham isn’t just born from geography and on-field developments, though. It goes back decades and was made even more bitter when they both clashed off the pitch in the battle for the Olympic Stadium just a few years ago.

So this week’s fixture choice for the Fixture in Focus podcast was a simple one to make. West Ham v Tottenham; at a stadium both sides wanted and now one side regrets moving into, two teams going through contrasting periods in their respective histories and two sets of fans who, despite widespread Tottenham denial, absolutely despise each other. Tasty.

This week James, Chris and Christy are joined by Evening Standard‘s London football reporter, Jack Rosser, while James caught up with HarryHotspur from to chat all things Spurs.

This episode is not to be missed, and nor is this game. Unfortunately, they kept it at 3pm on Saturday afternoon, much to the dismay of the Metropolitan Police. Probably.

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