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Football Clubs With The Biggest Fan Bases In The World

Fans are probably the most important part of the football world. Without them there will be no point in games and championships.

This is why the most powerful football clubs are trying to please them with ever greater intensity and effort. It is a never ending battle between giants, trying to make their fans proud and happy. The fans are the ones who give their money to keep the sport alive and thriving. Which teams have  the biggest fan bases in the world? Let’s find out

Manchester City (68.5m fans)

The English club has its second youth since the takeover by Pep Guardiola. The fanbase increased 5 times! On the contrary, their biggest opponent, Manchester United, had a drop in the number of supporters. The Citizens were even the most supported club in England for a while. The Manchester City F.C. Supporters Club (1949) is the biggest supporters group of the team.

Arsenal (72.5m)

We are still in England. Arsenal London is one of the biggest and the most successful clubs in the English capital city so no surprise that their fanbase is significant. Arsenal supporters must be loyal since The Gunners haven’t played in the Champions League for quite a while now, but they are preparing for regaining the title of the King of England and their fans are craving for that.

Paris Saint-Germain (72.6m)

The most supported club in France, Paris Saint-Germain is beloved not only in their country, but all around the world. They are unbeatable in France and quite strong in the Champions League. Their budget must be astonishing since buying young stars like Neymar and Kylian Mbappé cost PSG a breathtaking £406 million.

Bayern Munich (75m)

The German club is in high spirits since they are by far the most successful team in the country, and one of the most successful ones in Europe. Fans are loyal to them for quite a while now since they are winning many titles. The Champions League winner is an obvious choice for new fans to check and follow, so they also have a lot of new followers. Significant part of their fanbase comes from Poland since the best player is Polish, Robert Lewandowski. 

Liverpool FC (79.7m)

Since the arrival of Jurgen Klopp in the team, the fanbase has grown visibly. The type of management and strategy Klopp uses bring a lot of emotions to the fans since the game is spectacular to watch. Diversity of players lure fans from every corner of the world and winning titles keeps them by the team’s side. 

Chelsea (87.2m)

London’s other club has its loyal supporters around the globe. Chelsea has quite a budget to spend from Roman Abramovich and they used it during the transfer window, so we are yet to see their great victories. The Blues won the Champions League in 2013 and a couple of champion titles in the Premier League.

Juventus (93.7m)

The Old Lady has been thriving in Italy for decades, but the purchase of Cristiano Ronaldo a few years ago brought them a whole new wave of supporters. Even without a Portuguese player, Juventus has been the most successful club in Italy. They have won the Serie A champions title several times along with many other domestic titles.

Manchester United (133.7m)

Huge jump in the numbers up and we are back in Manchester. This time we are talking about Manchester United. The beloved club in England and worldwide. The Red Devils have been champions until Liverpool took the crown from them. Times have been tough for the club since then, and as we mentioned before their fanbase has started to drop in numbers, but it is still huge. Wonder how many of those fans will stick with them and for how long if they won’t regain titles and glory.

FC Barcelona (227.3m)

The Catalan club is known all around the world. Children wear their T-shirts and merchandise with their players in every corner of the world. People who are totally unaware of football, will know the club’s name anyway. They are one of the most successful clubs in the world and their fanbase only proves that. However, we will see how losing Lionel Messi will influence those numbers of supporters. 

Real Madrid (237m)

The most followed team worldwide is Real Madrid. Even though they’ve lost their most precious player, Cristiano Ronaldo, they are still strong and hungry for trophies and titles. Ronaldo has not created the whole team and their victory in La Liga proves that. They rule the footballing world with a tight fist with 13 Champions League victories and 34 La Liga ones. There are many fans that are after the clubs who are successful so no surprise that Real has so many of them.


As we all can see, Europe rules the footballing scene and all of the 10 most followed teams are from the Old Continent. Most of the clubs have millions of supporters all around the world, and those numbers tend to grow every year. A big fanbase can be a good tool for marketing strategies and attracting new fans. With a great number of supporters comes great responsibilities too. Moreover, there is great money involved since fans not only cheer on stadiums but they also put millions of dollars, euros and pounds in in-site and online sports bets,online sportfogadás to show how much they believe in their team.

Article title: Football Clubs With The Biggest Fan Bases In The World

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