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Football FanCast paints a picture of the Modern Footballer

Luis Suarez and John TerryThe results of our series of polls looking at the modern footballer are in and they don’t make great reading for Liverpool’s Luis Suarez or Chelsea’s John Terry, but Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta has plenty to be pleased about.

We conducted five polls to try and gain a better picture of the modern footballer and garner fans’ views towards today’s professionals, asking supporters who the most hated and likeable players in the Premier League are, as well as who has the biggest ego.

In addition to this, we looked at why players are liked or disliked and what the most important trait in a footballer is – talent or loyalty, which drew some very interesting results, as more than 12,000 fans voted across the five polls.

In the vote that no-one wanted to win, Luis Suarez ‘beat’ John Terry to the award of the most hated player in the Premier League, with Terry’s Chelsea teammate Ashley Cole in a distant third.

At the other end of the spectrum, Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta was voted the most likeable player, with his north London rival, Tottenham goalkeeper, Brad Friedel in second.

Maverick Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli was voted the Premier League player with the biggest ego, with new Chelsea star Eden Hazard pipping QPR’s Adel Taarabt into second place.

Perhaps the most revealing result saw talent come on top ahead of loyalty in the trait supporters see as being most important, while it was a dead heat between money and a lack of loyalty in reasons for the modern footballer being unlikeable.

Here is a summary of the results…

Who is the most hated player in the Premier League?
1: Luis Suarez – 42%
2: John Terry – 32%
3: Ashley Cole – 9%

Who is the most likeable player in the Premier League?
1: Mikel Arteta – 27%
2: Brad Friedel – 15%
3: Other – 14%

Who has the biggest ego in the Premier League?
1: Mario Balotelli – 38%
2: Eden Hazard – 21%
3: Adel Taarabt – 21%

What’s the most important trait you look for in a footballer?
1: Talent – 40%
2: Loyalty – 32%
3: Passion – 23%

What makes the modern day footballer so unlikeable?
1=: Money – 36%
1=: Lack of loyalty – 36%
3: Ego – 22%

Article title: Football FanCast paints a picture of the Modern Footballer

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