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Former Arsenal and Manchester United star in shocking R Kelly cover

What do you do when your playing career is finishing up? When your powers are waning, your form is going, and the top team you play for have offloaded you to a team in Turkey for a paltry fee? Do you pack up and head to America or even China for a final payday? Do you look to do your coaching badges, giving up on the professional football dream and exchanging it for a dream of management?

Well for former Arsenal and Manchester United star Robin van Persie, it seems as if he’d rather spend his spare time pretending to be a pop star! When he’s not mesmerising defenders and goalkeepers and proving he’s still got it, even if it is in a limited capacity, he’s pretending to be R Kelly, rapping along to When a Woman’s Fed Up.

In a video that’s both shockingly amateur yet strikingly professional, RvP sings along cringe-inducingly, but his video editor has made the video into something passable. If only he was given more material to work with.

He’s reportedly unhappy at Fenerbahce, but if you can turn up in Istanbul, make a shedload of money and score goals like this one from time to time, how can it be a terrible life? Especially if you’re able to jump into your car and make music videos after training.

Article title: Former Arsenal and Manchester United star in shocking R Kelly cover

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