Four Copa America stars Liverpool & Arsenal must watch this summer

It isn’t just the EUROs making everyone go ballistic this summer, guys, there’s the small matter of the Copa America rumbling along a few thousand miles to the west. Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and others are all going to be playing off for the biggest prize that the Americas has to offer, could it be more exciting?

Clubs love a bit of national team scouting and it invariably ends in a monster transfer fee followed by a calamitous season. We can look forwards to some really hilarious negotiating, questionable scouting and over-rated stars making fools of themselves, there’s just simply nothing not to like.

Of course it would be easier for clubs to look at these players during the regular season, but that would be far too easy for our money-dominated Premier League club. Like that kid at school that had to have the newest phone, console and football boots, Premier League clubs focus solely on the vogue.

FIVE players might just be eyed-up by the PL moneybags…

Juan Cuadrado

juan cuadrado

Goading a Chelsea winger away to North London or Merseyside will be tricky in itself, but Cuadrado has been one of the top performing players in Italy in 2015/16.

Flying pace, rocket shooting and decent crossing, Cuadrado could provide natural width to many a Premier League side. Whilst Chelsea seem unsure what future there is for the Colombian, he should be given a Premier League opportunity.

Gonzalo Higuain


Simply the best natural centre-forward in the world right now, Higuain’s sublime season with Napoli cannot be overstated.

Scoring goals more regularly than any player has in recent Italian history, the Argentine has developed rapidly since his move from Real Madrid and looks a totally different force right now. A finisher as lethal as Higuain doesn’t come along too often…

Javier Mascherano

Javier Mascherano

Could a return to Liverpool on the cards? Or could a move to elsewhere in England be on the horizon?

Argentina’s destroyer has largely featured as a centre-back at Barcelona and might be tempted into a move if a team can offer him a midfield berth. A rock hard tackler, experienced campaigner and all-round class act, Mascherano must be a target for many a Premier League club this summer.


Hulk (Zenit St. Petersburg)

Yesterday’s potatoes, I hear you scream. Well, perhaps, but Hulk has yet to be given an opportunity in any of Europe’s top five leagues and he must be growing tired of his time with Zenit.

A regular for Brazil, he clearly has the ability and this might be one of the last seasons that he can really demonstrate that. English football seems nicely suited to Hulk, perhaps this could be the summer for him to make his mark.