Get yourself over this secret location in London and pick up a free England shirt!

Supporting England at the Euros? Want a shiny new shirt to show your allegiance?

Well, not a new shirt, per se. But a sleek, retro red England shirt to commemorate 50 years since Geoff Hurst fired England to Wembley victory and Alf Ramsey’s men lifted Bobby Moore aloft.

Well if you fancy that, then you’ll love Carlsberg’s new stunt.

Today, commuters have been given the opportunity to get a retro England shirt from a giant vending machine in the middle of a square in central London – but there’s no money changing hands. No, instead you pay with the shirt off your own back!

Yes, if you want an England shirt to wear during the Euros, courtesy of Carlsberg, you simply exchange the shirt you’re wearing and take one of the snazzy red numbers with the three lions on the chest.

We’re not sure if walking into work wearing an England a shirt is a smart move with the tournament still over a week away, but it’s an aesthetically-pleasing top, and as far as freebies (well, sort of) go, this is a great one!