Gordon Taylor issues race warning

PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor has stated that the ongoing dispute between John Terry and Anton Ferdinand has the potential to turn into a mafia-style feud.

The QPR man refused to shake the England defender’s hand when the Loftus Road club hosted Chelsea at the weekend, with the player accusing Terry of racially abusing him in the corresponding fixture last season.

Taylor feels that the incident threatens to take a hold in the game and needs to be abolished.

“We have a responsibility to extol the best virtues of sport. We need to be very careful if there have been personal issues between players that they are not reflected on a football stage when this is a protocol for the good of the image of the game,” The Telegraph report the chief as saying.

“I don’t want it to be a vehicle for personal feuds that are never ending. We have to move on. These things will separate us and become like some mafia feud. Owners, managers, chief executives and players said ’yes’ [to the idea] and I do not know why we should say ’no’ now.

“I would like to say to the players that I see no reason why they cannot do it [shake hands]. They are not betraying any personal principles. It is being done for the image of the game and to set the right example to the mascots and youngsters playing at school.

“Certainly it is disappointing in that this season, I feel that football has to live up to what the Olympics did over the summer showing sport being able to bridge all barriers and being inclusive,” he concluded.

By Gareth McKnight

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