Has this Arsenal fan committed a crime against tattoos?

It happens okay, everybody makes mistakes. We get it, man, nobody’s perfect. But sometimes you see something that just leaves you scratching your head and wondering just how much time a person spent at the pub before that decision was made.

Rodrigo Palacio’s rat-tail haircut. The England away kit of 1996. Signing Angel Di Maria for a British record transfer fee. All bad mistakes, but one Arsenal fan may have just outdone them all.

Haircuts, kits and transfers are all things that are temporary and can be changed if a person eventually comes to their senses. Tattoos, however, are much harder to get rid of.

And apart from being hard, they’re also very expensive to erase. Perhaps not as much as flogging an overpriced di Maria, but pricy for your average Jo Bloggs nonetheless.

Take a look at the bizarre ink and the rest in this latest FFC video:

[ffcvideo file=”video-2015/tattoo21072015″ type=”mp4″]