Has this well-known pundit just let a shock change of career slip?

With the coverage football receives in the modern day reaching unprecedented levels, there are more and more ex-players trying their hand at punditry.

After all, it makes sense for those to have played the game to talk about the game, as they can look at things from the perspective of having been in said situation themselves.

Many are… how can we say this… a bit dull, though, sticking to safe answers and clichés during their analysis, but one man not afraid to say what he thinks is Robbie Savage.

The ex-Wales international is known for his forthright opinions and desire to get those across in a passionate manner, but we may have to do without him before too long, with the 41-year-old having announced on Twitter that he’s planning a change of career…

Indeed, Savage posted an image of a notepad on his official account with a list of possible new ventures… with all bar one crossed out. The remaining option? Hairdresser!

We can imagine the former midfield terrier being the new Nicky Clarke, after all, his luscious locks were strikingly similar to those of the celebrity snipper.