Here’s why Arsenal and Liverpool must sign this £35m La Liga star

If there is ever any doubt on whether Arsenal or Liverpool should sign Isco, his latest set of skills show exactly why even though the Real Madrid man could cost them around £35million, they must secure his services.

The 22-year-old is a master with the ball at his feet, able to turn opponents with his agility and is the type of player with a huge arsenal of silky moves.

In one of his training sessions ahead of the Club World Cup, the Spaniard trapped the ball using heel, then begins to play keepy-uppies with the back of his foot, not once, not twice, but 11 times in a row before passing it back.

If nobody makes a bid for his desired amount, then it will only mean Madrid has just secured the services one of the best attacking midfielders on the planet for a little while longer.