How well do you know England’s history at the European Championships?

Euro 2016 is now just a matter of hours away, with hosts France set to kick off against Romania at 8pm on Friday evening.

Involving an extra eight teams, a string of tournament debutants and a plethora of usual suspects for the title, we at Football FanCast are expecting this year’s edition of the European Championship to be one of the best ever.

But how clued up are you on the international tournament’s prestigious history? Or more specifically, how clued up are you on England’s involvement in the competition, spanning all the way back to 1968?

Whether the answer is ‘not very’ or ‘incredibly’ – or somewhere in between – you’ve found yourself in exactly the right place!

Indeed, Football FanCast’s epic quiz gives you the chance to learn something new about England’s ever-disappointing European Championship history or test your knowledge against our other readers.

Think you’ve got what it takes to get all 13 questions right?