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In light of McNamara – some other potential football shows to be had

Partick Thistle manager Jackie McNamara is turning the events of his career into a sitcom. The former Scotland international has been working with actor and comedy writer Francis Gilhooley to pen “The Therapy Room” and the pilot episode was screened in an Edinburgh cinema last week in an attempt to gain a broadcasting contract.

The 38-year-old’s brother Donny will play a footballer who makes the mercurial rise from amateur football to Premier League player, with the team manager being played by Billy Elliot’s Gary Lewis.

McNamara told the BBC: “They were just things I had in my mind for a long time, playing football,”

“I think a lot of players had a lot of stories over the years and it’s just my way of putting them into a comedy and making characters up.

“Some people go and do a book or an autobiography. This is my way of doing things.”

With the ex-Celtic player’s decision to try his hand at TV writing, we look at other possible football related TV shows.

Monitoring Mario

Following the life of the world’s most entertaining footballer, this show would always be worth a watch. It could be a reality TV show although it may be better as a sitcom because nobody would believe that someone would do the outrageous things that have now become a regular occurrence.

The biggest problem would be where to begin. Wearing the shirt of your biggest rivals? Holidaying on a boat owned by the Italian mafia? Throwing darts at a youth team player? Or setting off fireworks in your own bathroom?

This show would definitely become a guilty pleasure.


Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner- Carlos Tevez

With the striker now seemingly on strike after refusing to return back to Manchester, his hideaway antics resemble the Looney Tunes cartoon. Despite the best efforts of the City, they just cannot catch the Argentine who looks like he is totally unaware of the furore surrounding him. Like Wile E. Coyote they know where to find their prey, but catching him is a totally different task.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here- Manchester City

The club has such a vast array of talent that outside of the first team there are a lot of unhappy players not getting a game. Many of them will want to leave and what better way than making them do ridiculous tasks and voting one out at the end of each week. It’s much easier than finding someone to pay their wages and the transfer fee.


Boot of Fortune- Manchester United

A show to kick-off Saturday nights, the players enter the changing room where a pile of kit is lying in the middle. A boot is randomly placed in their before the boss arrives and viewers can ring in to place bets on who will be the unfortunate victim to receive a stud to the face. One kick, one recipient, one prize, one winner. Definitely better than the Cube.


1 v 100- Chelsea

Villas-Boas thinks that referees have it in for his team, so in a twist to the pre-lottery show the Scot would face 100 officials and answer a series of questions based on these situations. May well turn into Jerry Springer after a few differences in opinion.


Mr Benn- Emmanuel Adebayor

The Togo international walks into the local JJB Sports and the moustachioed shop assistant hands him a football shirt. He walks into the changing room and is transported to the board room of a different ground and a contract is in front of him to sign. The adventure continues as he joins the team and continues until he gets bored and visits another JJB store to begin the next episode. Loosely based on real life.


Managerial Merry-go-round

Another game show for any manager in-between jobs. They sit on the traditional fairground ride which then begins to spin. A post bearing a contract for an available manager’s position is put up at the opposite end of an obstacle course. The contestants must get from the ride, across the course and be the first to reach the contract.

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Article title: In light of McNamara – some other potential football shows to be had

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